When you can forgive yourself, you can love others.
What comes to your mind when you think of the word ‘forgiveness’?People mostly consider it as forgiving ‘others’ who have hurt them. You may also agree, but struggle with doing it because you are afraid the ‘others’ would not be punished properly when you forgive them.

However, the forgiveness I want to talk about here is not for others, but for you.

You need to forgive yourself, especially when you feel stupid as you make a mistake or do something wrong, because this life is about loving yourself.

In numerous cases, you may tend to find causes of relation conflicts in others. You blame and try to change others while you insist “I have no fault”.

Yet, you are able to forgive yourself if you can feel guilty in the pit of your stomach at the right moment of in

sisting your innocence. It means inversely that you are able to easily sense the voice of accusation deep down inside if you can forgive yourself.

You could feel guilty although you have nothing wrong from a moral standpoint. In other words, the sense of guilt is just feeling.

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Writing of forgiveness